INN.LAW Principles

Enable clients to do better

Deliver to the client what you would buy if you were on the other side. Listen more, talk less. Ask the right questions. Show genuine interest. Provide real value.

Make a difference

Focus on what matters. Use your time wisely.

Think independently

Question the status quo. Have your judgment. Strike a new path.

Be curious

Learn every day. Apply first principles and mental models.

Be open-minded

Embrace feedback, different opinions, and other cultures. Try to see the world through other people's eyes.

Know your competence

Know your circle of competence. Be honest about it. Avoid cognitive biases.

Solve problems

Be part of the solution. Use your creativity. Think through problems in reverse. Choose cooperation over confrontation.

Keep it short & simple

"Less, but better."

Take action

Ideas are just a starting point. Execution matters.

Personal development

Compete only with yourself. Aim for constant marginal gains. Don't compromise on health, family, and friends. Stay authentic and follow your passion. Have fun.